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About Hejia

NINGBO HEJIA BEARING CO.,LTD.Located in the beautiful city of Port of books - Ningbo. The company specializes in producing high-precision, ultra-quiet, long life, high speed, support and stability, with advanced technical level of the bearing. Bearing industry, the rise of international excellence in innovative bearing manufacturing enterprises. The company mainly produces electrical level small bearings…

Human Resource

Grasps "the respect people's value, the potential of exploitation, sublimation of soul" of the talent work objective, train and bring up a team to win the market, create organization lead, lead the value orientation, has a sense of mission and sense of responsibility of the personnel, to support the realization of the strategic target, is a talent better constant pursuit, occlusal better bearing…

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Add:No.8,Bay Head of Zhang River, MiaoHou, Chenjiacun Village, Jiaochuan Street, Zhenhai District,Ningbo City,Zhejiang,China



Phone:(0)13738831874 (Mr.Wu)

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